5 things that make me say YAY for the internet

What up, party people! No, sorry, that’s the kind of thing that literally no one says on a Monday. My apologies.

I’ve seen a lot of awesome things recently on teh interwebz that make me do a sharp intake of breath and email links to all my friends. (And even sometimes to people I don’t really like. That’s how awesome.)

Anyway, do you remember when the internet was crap? Actually, you’ve probably forgotten just how painful it was back in the day. Allow me to remind you…

WARNING: Readers of a sensitive disposition, or those who care about web design, or those who have eyes, should look away now.

my eyes are bleeding

Um…what? I know you don’t know where to start with this, and I don’t either.


Click on the image for the full horror glory of the animated gifs…if you dare.

Are you still with me? Please don’t drown in the horror of old web design! Come back to 2012, and I’ll show you a few pieces of internet awesomeness that have recently arrived on my screen. No animated gifs, I promise.

one etandund.com

A collection of visual riddles based around things that go together. Salt and pepper, day and night, nuts and bolts…you get the idea.

mm chocolate

The artist uses different materials to make cool images of the word ‘and’, and sometimes the & symbol, and then you get to guess what the ‘and’ phrase is.


As somebody once said, ‘Can you guess what it is yet?’


two painting 3d goldfish

You know when you see something and you just cannot believe what you’re seeing? Yeah…that.

wishing on a fish

Those fish there are not fish. They are paintings on resin.

Riusuke Fukahori pours thin layers of clear resin into a container, and onto each layer he paints a cross-section slice of the fish. Then another layer of resin, another cross-section slice, and so on, like a 3d printer. 

The finished product is fairly unbelievably realistic.

fish like whoa

But don’t just look at still pictures! Here is some video awesomeness of the artist doing his fish-resin thing:

clicky click to watch. watch it now!

three epic typography

Most of you know that I ♥ typography, for reals. I’m always on the look out for inspiring combinations of writing and drawing.

haterzzz (opens in a new tab)And here’s a superb list from Artists Inspire Artists

over under around and through (opens in a new tab)

I could stay here all day.

just wowSeriously…

seventy ninth

four draw a stickman

This is one of the best things ever about it being 2012, and not, say 1997 (in terms of what you can do online, that is). Be grateful, friends, that you live in a world where you can use your mouse to draw a stickman and use him to fight off a DRAGON.


And if that description wasn’t enough to make you click, there’s something wrong with you.

five how big is the universe, really?

Ever wondered how big you are in comparison to, say, a Japanese spider crab? (Answer: not big enough.) Or compared with the Stingray Nebula, or a helium nucleus? Now you can find out.

keep me awaaaaay from the crab monster thing

Just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and see what’s out there. You can go out into space…

this is your kapteyn speaking

Or go super small…

yayClick now, or forever hold your peace.

Things to do this week: find a word other than awesome to describe good things. Answers on a postcard please.





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7 responses to “5 things that make me say YAY for the internet

  1. liz

    this. is. amazing. so much for doing work today!

    also, i found this for you: http://briandbuckley.com/2011/08/30/28-words-to-use-instead-of-awesome/

    • did you just google ‘words to use instead of awesome’? yes, yes, i think you did. amaze. (<<a word that is not 'awesome'.)

      watch this space. i'm going to see how many posts i can write without using the word 'awesome'… place your bets now.

      • liz

        yep. i definitely googled exactly that. HOW did you KNOW?

        i’m looking forward to seeings these posts. you’ve got a whole bunch of alternative words now (thanks to me) so that should be easypeasy, no?

  2. that is a funkadelic effort. some of those alternative words are words that i have overused in the past and subsequently had to ditch from my vocabulary. funkadelic is not, however, one of them.

  3. I said Yay all 5 times. Well done!

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