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I didn’t see much daylight the day after this night.

…that special kind of daylight one sees…after having been up all night: a different country, that daylight.

Amaryllis Night And Day by Russell Hoban

I’m a night owl. (As opposed to a day owl?) The night is always more interesting than the day.  The best things happen at night time. It’s easier to share your secrets when the sky is dark.Russell Hoban’s right, in the quote above – after you’ve stayed up all night, when the sky begins to get lighter, you see daylight differently. It’s a new universe of possibilities.A Different Daylight is a blog about the things that keep me up: reading, writing, laughing at YouTube commenters, getting irritated by irrelevant stuff, all the small things that happen every day… all filtered through the lens of a lifetime of staying up so late it gets early.

beautiful light

Updated on Mondays and Fridays (hopefully). I can’t guarantee that the occasional cat won’t slip in here and there – this is the internet, after all.

I live in London, England, and I have a day job. This means I have to sleep at night, most of the time. Sadface.

21 responses to “about this blog

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  2. I get the feeling that you and I should be friends. ^__^

  3. Hello
    Just wanted to say i’m glad you liked my blog post ‘writing writing writing’. I also wanted to say I thought your blog is pretty cool. I liked how you drew attention to some parts of the whole huge world sized pie that is casual racism. No matter how hard people try, it won’t go away and I don’t care if its to aid deaf people. It still racist.

    Thanks again

  4. I rarely see daylight in the winter, however I do see the the clock hit 4 am almost every night. I have finally accepted this quirk about myself and embraced my night owl ways. Life is very different now (no more 8 to 5 day jobs ever again), but I really love it.

  5. mydreamsinwords

    I love being awake in the early hours of the morning/late hours of the night. it gives me a sense of peace and quality, it gives me a chance to think before anyone else wakes up, it gives me that chance to be me in a way i can’t be in the day when I’m around my friends or family. I’m not sure if that makes sense. I’m scared of the dark, however I love looking in to the darkness and feeling like its a nightmare, I love the rush of nightmares.

  6. Hello,
    Thanks for the stop on my blog. Personally, I’m more of a lark (is that what you call an early riser?) but it’s the quiet of the morning I’m after. A different daylight is a great description … of any kind of quiet, alternate reality.

  7. benlegraphiste

    Hi, i naminated you for “Shine On Award”… I hope you will be pleased !!

  8. electronicbaglady

    I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you are not keen on participating, that’s fine, because I know that not everyone is keen on these awards. However, I wanted to show my appreciation for your blog and share you with others.

  9. monkeyfacekim

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! I really enjoy reading your blog so I wanted you to know 🙂

  10. This is long overdo, but thank you for following the 4feet2mouths travel & food blog.

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