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5 things that make me say YAY for the internet

What up, party people! No, sorry, that’s the kind of thing that literally no one says on a Monday. My apologies.

I’ve seen a lot of awesome things recently on teh interwebz that make me do a sharp intake of breath and email links to all my friends. (And even sometimes to people I don’t really like. That’s how awesome.)

Anyway, do you remember when the internet was crap? Actually, you’ve probably forgotten just how painful it was back in the day. Allow me to remind you…

WARNING: Readers of a sensitive disposition, or those who care about web design, or those who have eyes, should look away now.

my eyes are bleeding

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dead poets on facebook


Just discovered an early prediction of Facebook in A.E. Housman‘s poetry:

And I will friend you, if I may

– A Shropshire Lad, LXIIIline 57

Can’t help but wonder what Keats’ blog would have been like. Oscar Wilde on Tumblr? Sylvia Plath on Pinterest?


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who does google think you are?


This is who Google thinks you are.

Does Google think you’re a boy or a girl? How old does Google think you are?

*breathless, breath-taking pause*

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