MAD LEGS: six months of subject lines

Selected subject lines from the past six months of emailing my bestest buddy:

30.10.2012 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are the champions

24.10.2012 Q: Who paints their nails in the toilet at work?

gold with black shatter

24.10.2012 GURL

02.10.2012 Boyz R Confusing

26.09.2012 The tap of hangers swaying in the closet

12.09.2012 Today’s random injury…

12.09.2012 He definitely is


07.09.2012 what the heck? i mean, seriously

07.09.2012 woop to the woop

05.09.2012 Happiness hit her like a train on a track coming towards her

03.09.2012 There you go waving your arms like a girl

28.08.2012 mean comment of the day

22.08.2012 I genuinely did just choke on my coffee

20.08.2012 Hey hey, it’s the Mondays, and people say we Monday around

10.08.2012 How does one begin forming a performing cat troupe?

the moscow cat theatre! i kid you not

06.08.2012 a revelation (not revOLUtion, which is what i very nearly typed)

05.08.2012 MAD LEGS

30.07.2012 ohmygosh i love almost every single one of these dresses

06.07.2012 facebook is weird. i don’t like it

04.07.2012 fb is totally stalking me

02.07.2012 RELEVANT!

02.07.2012 MOAR BOYZ NEWZ, Part 2

25.06.2012 Exhales an indigo nimbus

18.06.2012 Cowboy! With a mustache!

12.06.2012 Emplacement! Boom!

08.06.2012 This email has become longer than I thought it would be. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting an immediate comprehensive reply.

05.06.2012 Sentences Somebody Else Hates

21.05.2012 BOOKFACE

21.05.2012 spam! but stork scissors spam

planning his next baby trip, no doubt

snip snip


17.05.2012 SWHAL: A Simile To Love

16.05.2012 I’m totally spamming you today

14.05.2012 sorry for teh spamz

11.05.2012 What are tea sandwiches?

02.05.2012 Carrier pigeon?

01.05.2012 This Unkempt Person…

01.05.2012 I’m in an ongoing war with mornings

30.04.2012 Keeeeeats

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