3 things that are better than a kick in the face

A kick in the face hurts. These things are better than said kicking:

one Mangoes (I heart you forever, friend mango).

two  Cats (the whole of the internet will bear me out on this, so I don’t think I need to do any further justification).

three Getting not only the Very Inspiring Blogger award from Girl in a Basement (thanks Mouse!)..

awards ftw!

..but also the One Lovely Blog award from Olive the People (thanks Olive!)..

awards ftw..again!


The rules for receiving each award are to share seven things about yourself, and to nominate up to 15 other bloggers. Similar to the Versatile Blogger Award, you remember?

seven things about me

one You might have guessed this from the above, but mangoes are my favourite food. Ever. I love lots of other food, it’s true, but somehow I keep coming back to this piece of perfection. Just FYI, if I’m ever in a position where I have to choose my last meal, it will be a perfectly ripe fresh mango. (Why does dried mango taste faintly of fish? ..Just me?)

two I love words, but I am terrible at word games. Really. I lose consistently and embarrassingly at Scrabble – and this from someone who reads and writes as much as she possibly can. I don’t know why I am so alarmingly deficient in this area =(

three I have a winter coat which is padded with down. Like a duvet. It is essentially a duvet with sleeves and a fur hood. #happytimes

four I got really, really good at Mario Kart when it was on the N64, but I just can’t do it on the Wii.

five I haven’t seen most of the movies that I really, really should have. Liiiike..The Godfather. (Gasp!) Taxi Driver. (Shock!) Citizen Kane. (Horror!)

six Average caffeine intake on a weekday: 3x tea, 2x coffee. Caffeine just doesn’t seem to have much effect on me – I drink a coffee and usually want to go to sleep because it has made me feel warm and cosy.


seven The books on my bookshelves are arranged firstly by category, then by author; but I’m always on the lookout for a better method. It’s a subject of much debate.

aaaand the nominations aaaare:

one Olive the People. Because if you don’t like laughing so much you think there’s a real possibility you might die, there’s something wrong with you. Warning: Probably best not to read the Craiglist Commentaries in a public place, or anywhere else where people will judge you for rofling.

two Something Swedish. A New Yorker learning to be a Swedish wife, and in the process making beautiful blog posts.

three Journey of Mixed Emotions. In which Amanda Wood blogs about stunning cats, photography, and poetry.

four Madomasi is a constant style inspiration, and an Afropolitan with an awesome blog. Could there be a better post title than My second facial, or, the day I got punched in the leg? No, there couldn’t.

five Iceberg Ahoy blogs movingly about mental health and inspiration.

six Movita Beaucoup for my constant baking inspiration.

seven Ribbledoot, another reliable source of rofls. Here’s a handy guide to Les Mis.

eight Cats And Books, subtitled ‘Because there’s no such thing as too much of either one’, with which I can only agree.

nine Cecile’s Writers for the nuts and bolts of how to write.

ten The Very Single Girl because she blogs about the bits of life I’m too chicken to blog about. C’est tout.


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16 responses to “3 things that are better than a kick in the face

  1. Hm but have you ever had crunchy green mango with salt and lime? Mmmmmh!

  2. Mouse

    I’m with you on your No. 5, about the movies! And all my organizing of books, CDs, and DVDs tends to be alphabetical. I like the book-by-color idea, though.

  3. Thank you and congrats on your awards!:) Confession: on number five, me too! I have reduced many a sleepover to a stony silence when I confess that I haven’t seen Dirty Dancing..or Top Gun or most of the other iconic movies. You are not alone! Also, Cats and Books? This. Is. Awesome.

    • I haven’t seen Dirty Dancing! Top Gun I can proudly tick off the list though. *sense of achievement*

      Maybe we should start a film club showing only Films That Everyone *Should* Have Seen By Now. Nothing obscure, only the iconic and the classic. Then we can catch up on the rest of the world, and abandon our social pariah status.

  4. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for including me..I guess I have something to write about for my next post…

  5. AMB

    Thank you so very much for the nomination. 🙂
    You are an encouragement and very talented writer. A big well done for your awards!

  6. I also suck at Scrabble! And I love words! What the heck?!

    Thanks for the nomination!

  7. WHAT?! Thanks so much for the shout out! I’m totally flattered and will be completing a victory lap around the house ASAP.

    Also, I ADORE Scrabble. But I don’t think I’ve ever won a game. Let’s assume that we are both too intelligent to dominate the board.

  8. Thanks for the award! I too (an english lit major) am not all that great at scrabble – I love it but it hates me. My husband has been trying to show me classic movies over the years to get me in the know. And I LOVE n64 games, especially mario kart!

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