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you know, i really love making lists. lists are the best.

3 things that are better than a kick in the face

A kick in the face hurts. These things are better than said kicking:

one Mangoes (I heart you forever, friend mango).

two  Cats (the whole of the internet will bear me out on this, so I don’t think I need to do any further justification).

three Getting not only the Very Inspiring Blogger award from Girl in a Basement (thanks Mouse!)..

awards ftw!

..but also the One Lovely Blog award from Olive the People (thanks Olive!)..

awards ftw..again!


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5 songs for when it’s so early it’s still late

It’s 3am. It’s dark. Most people are either just coming home from their nights out, or tucked up and sleeping like sensible bunnies. But you, being an emimently unsensible bunny, are just getting up. What sweet musical flavours will fill your ears?

Maybe you’re getting up for an event for work. (Why do they always need you to be there about four years before it starts?) Maybe you have a novel to work on. Maybe you’re going on holiday! Which is unquestionably awesome! But the only flight you could afford requires you to get yourself to the airport during the hours of darkness. This time of day/night is usually called ‘late’, except that if you’ve already slept tried to sleep, it’s called ‘early’. Clearly, your music must be chosen carefully.

You need something that’s not going to angrify you. Something that will be suitable for one who is stumbling, eyes 70% closed, from the caverns of sleep. Something that will damp down your natural inclination to murder anyone who utters a word or two in your direction.. And yet, something that will empower you for the day ahead.

rowr!this is what you’re aiming for.

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4 reasons i won’t live with you

Oh, the joyous world of house-hunting! Oh, the merry fun of seeking out non-psychos to live with! Oh, the delights of paying agencies eleventy thousand million pounds just to hand you a piece of paper!

After moving to a temporary secret location (I just put that in to make myself sound like 007, did it work?), I’m now searching for more permanent living quarters. But it’s a murky world out there. So for all you normal, non-stabby, non-mental types out there, here is A Different Daylight’s guide to how not to advertise your room.

All of what you’re about to read is based on real adverts. Yep, the world is so mental that I don’t even need to invent any mentalness. Without further ado, then: Four Reasons I Won’t Live With You.

one Because you want  an, er, ‘friend with benefits’, not a housemate.

Probably you don’t even care whether we’ll be friends – you just want the benefits. Your actual words were ‘female companion’. And there’s only one photo, and it’s of you. And how much rent are you charging? Oh, you think we can ‘come to some sort of arrangement regarding the rent’. Sunshine, as somebody once said, it’s not gonna happen.

gratuitous daniel craig photos? alwaysthe perfect apartment is out there somewhere

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MAD LEGS: six months of subject lines

Selected subject lines from the past six months of emailing my bestest buddy:

30.10.2012 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are the champions

24.10.2012 Q: Who paints their nails in the toilet at work?

gold with black shatter

24.10.2012 GURL

02.10.2012 Boyz R Confusing

26.09.2012 The tap of hangers swaying in the closet

12.09.2012 Today’s random injury…

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the 8 most awesome apples

Apples are great. But I know you wanna know which is the greatest.

lookin' good

As a three-a-day apple consumer for many years, I’ve often wondered what the world would look like if we had a definitive answer to this question. The apple dilemma has been at the heart of the most controversial scientific papers of the last century. Some of the finest minds in science have spent their best years on this issue, and we are still no further forward. Until today.

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