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because every so often, we all need to be seriously afraid we’re going to die of laughing so much we can’t breathe

all jews have beards. even the ladies!

MOAR RACISM? Oh go on, it’s funny. I mean, it’s funny to laugh at people who are racist, because they are hilariously old-fashioned, amirite?

Last Friday I was talking about readers of a certain newspaper being Old Fascists. And of course, we’d all like some variety in blog posts. But today I found two articles I was going to present for your amusement mention at some point, and that point is now. So, yay racism and prejudice!

Miming a hook nose to refer to Jewish people is also now deemed unacceptable by signers, who have replaced the old sign with one involving a hand resting against a chin and making a short movement down, in the shape of a beard.

Because all Jews have beards? Even the ladies?

not a lady, this one

a beard, wearing a jewish man, yesterday

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when is a joke not a joke?

Daniel Tosh
I’m coming down on the side of: he was wrong, and it’s not funny.

Usually I’d sit on the fence in this kind of thing. There’s always two sides to each argument anyway, and who are we to say definitively what’s funny and what isn’t?

The background, in case you missed the story, is this: A comedian called Daniel Tosh declared during his routine that rape jokes are funny. A female audience member shouted, ‘Actually, rape jokes are never funny!’ Allegedly, Tosh paused for a moment, then replied,

‘Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…’

Now in general, I tend to think that anything can be made into a joke. You know, I laughed a lot at the Brass Eye ‘Paedophile Special’. And fence-sitting is more comfortable than it looks.

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