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4 things i’m blaming on the snow

You’ve seen the news, right? About the white stuff falling from the sky? Well, it is an excuse for a lot of inexecusable stuff. Also, it is pretty. WIN.

Some things I’m blaming on the snow:

one I have not written a real blog post, or indeed one that is going to be published on time.

two I have not quite finished the work I was supposed to be doing this afternoon..something to do with being sent home early.

three I am eating fresh hot popcorn and playing Words With Friends, instead of doing something useful like packing for moving house tomorrow. (Have I mentioned that I’m moving house? Only a few gadzillion times. No, really.)

four I made a snow cat. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. Here –

 a cat. in the snow.

Good news: I have actually managed to keep my New Year’s resolution. I KNOW. Hoo to the Rah.

I hope you have a most extremely splendid weekend and that you laugh until you can’t breathe. Because that is the best. (Laughing I mean. Not the not breathing part.)



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the 8 things i wish i hadn’t done in 2012

WHAT IS UP. It is my last blog post of 2012, that is what is up.

As I lay awake last night pondering what to blog about, I fell asleep. Here, therefore, is a badly-planned, hastily-cobbled-together blog post. Same as normal, you say? Oh, pipe down. Just read it.

In no particular order, then, here are 8 things I wish I hadn’t done in the twelvemonth which will shortly be hanging up its shoes for the last time. Perhaps I could take this as a sort of reverse New Year’s resolutions list?

one Started a blog in August with no clear idea of what I was going to blog about, only that I should post regularly.

With the result that some of my posts were a bit rambly and..well, just not very popular. Kind of like the kid in glasses who dreads the playground because he always gets bullied. Since you ask, WordPress stats indicate that this was my least popular post. Go on, click it. Make it feel better. If only for a day.

I didn’t actually think that post was that bad. Obviously you, my loyal readers, did. That kind of emotional damage is scarring. Therapy will be expensive. Wait..I don’t know where I’m going with this.

YOU KNOWS IT Continue reading


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