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in praise of sleep

I’ve just finished At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien. Don’t let the incomprehensible title put you off. It contains vast stores of wisdom:

What is wrong with…most people…is that they do not spend sufficient time in bed.

I find nothing to disagree with in the above.

When a man sleeps, he is steeped and lost in a limp toneless happiness: awake he is restless, tortured by his body and the illusion of existence.

Flippin torturous body.

Why have men spent centuries seeking to overcome the awakened body?

YES. Forget this waste of thinking power, philosophers.

Put it to sleep, that is a better way. Let it serve only to turn the sleeping soul over, to change the blood-stream and thus make possible a deeper and more refined sleep…

In fact, let us all become cats:

cat pandaI admit he looks more like a panda in this photo, but it’s the same principle.

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how to reclaim your 80s childhood

This week, I have mainly been reminiscing about the past, which, as we all know, is a foreign country.

Specifically, I have been watching Top Gun in all its immense glory, and enjoying the epic spectacle of Tom Cruise and Kelly Whateverhernameis playing a classic love story. Did you know, trivia fans, that 

The love scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis was filmed after initial test screenings. Moviegoers complained that there was no love scene, so the company obliged. McGillis, however, had already dyed her hair darker for her next film. This is why the scene is tinted blue. Also noticeable as a subsequent shoot due to the longer length of Tom Cruise’s hair (particularly in front).

Thanks, IMDB

Also, we have been shrinking crisp packets in the oven.

oranges and crisp packets

next to an orange, for reference 🙂

So many funz. So many impractical uses! Keyrings! Earrings! 

What do you mean, you’ve never shrunk crisp packets in the oven? Given the amount of debate generated by this activity, I’m beginning to think this is the true division in the world.

It’s not whether you’re male or female, slave or free, black or white. Nope, it’s whether you’ve shrunk crisp packets in the oven. 

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new year’s REVOLUTION

New Year’s Revolution! Well, maybe it’s not a revolution. I just called the post that to get your attention.

Normally I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I used to, back in the day when I also thought that my mum had remarkably similar handwriting to Father Christmas, but then I got disillusioned with Life. Ugh, it happens. But after reading my friend Andrea’s inspiring post on her slightly different New Year’s resolution, I decided that perhaps I should be less of a grouch. (Stop laughing.)

So I hereby present: A Different Daylight’s New Year’s Revolution. Or, the astonishing idea that what I want to do isn’t going to be something that I achieve in January, feel guilty about in February, and forget about in March.

banksy says follow your dreamsThis is not what we’re aiming for, people.

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the girl who was always on the wrong day

Is it..? Yeah, it probably is just me.

No, wait, it probably isn’t. One of the best things about ye interwebbe is that you can discover just how common and trashy is the problem you have which you previously thought was yours alooooone. And you (I) thought you were (I was) all alooooone in experiencing hiccups caused by carrots. Turns out, I’m definitely not the only one.

You see, the thing is, I’m always on the wrong day. My internal clock seems to have no idea what it’s doing.

still drifting

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on life, and its inability to make sense

Do not overbalance in shock when I tell you life is not always straightforward.

I know, right? STOP PRESS. (Does anyone actually say that? *googling* Oh… Wikipedia says it is most frequently used sarcastically. Pshaw, as someone I know actually did say recently.)

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, life = complicated. And sometimes things are just not what they seem. And sometimes things ARE what they seem, but you’re so used to them being all twisted that you end up playing a game (game! ha. not that there are any winners. #doomandgloom) of opposites, and assuming that black is white when really on this occasion, it isn’t. And then you start talking about the occasions on which black really IS white, and then you get accused of racism, and then someone starts playing a song which you really don’t like – musically, at least. The lyrics contain an admirable sentiment, init.

And so, here is a list of things you already knew! Yay?

one A clever person can say and do stupid stuff.

with thanks to sheldon's quote

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