belting the greens…wait, what?


bunting: a festival must

today i’m off to greenbelt festival, so i have no time to craft any insightful insights because i’m currently driving a hire car down the a40.

greenbelt is about arts, faith, and justice. it’s a pretty unique mix.

when i went there for the first time last year i realised that the festival organisers had, in fact, had me in mind when they designed such a creative, intriguing mix of music and falafel and talks and calligraphy and coffee and philosophy.

so i thought i’d spam you with share some of last year’s photos…

elephantine irrelevancy

an unidentified thing

article 53

me in the mirrors


a spiritual pubthe jesus arms

the 60s

you know...THOSE ones

some stuff...

it was a blurry night

a few cars

more stuff...

and finally, i’ll leave you with some poetry, philosophy and profundity…

what makes a man?


be less acceptable

more words to live byi’ll back from greenbelt monday night, and thereafter normal blog service will resume. have a superb and serendipitous weekend.


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4 responses to “belting the greens…wait, what?

  1. liz

    i really REALLY wish i could be speeding down the a40 with you. next year?

    also, you really shouldn’t be blogging while driving a hire car down the a40. just sayin’.

  2. next year at greenbelt. you’re on.

    yeah, typing is difficult when you’re also trying to stay in lane, maintain a steady 71mph, make the a/c cold on your face but not your feet, change the music, find your sunnies in your bag which are (probably, possibly) in the pocket in the door, and have witty and interesting conversations with your passengers..

    i’m surprised this post even got written.

    ps: none of the above happened. or not at all at once, anyway. i wrote this post the night before and scheduled it to post the following day, at a time when i would indeed be driving a hire car down the a40.

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  4. I understood very little about what this post refers to and / or is talking about.

    So I offer the following comment: You’re cute.
    I gather this from the distorted reflection in the funhouse CD mirror picture and assume that it’s you. Yep.

    Have fun… *tips hat.

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