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in praise of sleep

I’ve just finished At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien. Don’t let the incomprehensible title put you off. It contains vast stores of wisdom:

What is wrong with…most people…is that they do not spend sufficient time in bed.

I find nothing to disagree with in the above.

When a man sleeps, he is steeped and lost in a limp toneless happiness: awake he is restless, tortured by his body and the illusion of existence.

Flippin torturous body.

Why have men spent centuries seeking to overcome the awakened body?

YES. Forget this waste of thinking power, philosophers.

Put it to sleep, that is a better way. Let it serve only to turn the sleeping soul over, to change the blood-stream and thus make possible a deeper and more refined sleep…

In fact, let us all become cats:

cat pandaI admit he looks more like a panda in this photo, but it’s the same principle.

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the 3 books you MUST read. or else

Much as I love those lists of 100 books you must read before you die, they’re always a bit…well, let’s just say I’m convinced the only purpose these lists serve is to make literary snobs (among which yours truly) feel 70% smug about how many books on the list they’ve already read, and 30% disappointed with themselves for not having read them all.

So here is A Different Daylight’s guide to the only three books you’ll ever need. If you’ve read 100% of them, I will love you forever and also come round to your house and bake a cake for you. Any cake you want*.

*actually I won’t.

In no particular order, then:

um, like, now. srsly. we NEED to talk

This is it. The big one. The book that changed forever (not that I wish to fall into the trap of journalistic clichés, but still) the way we look at children. Continue reading


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thirty for thirty

thirty years

I know, I know, this kind of list is really old. But then, I’m the big three-ooooold today, so that’s my excuse. I’m too ancient to think of anything else.

Here, then, are thirty things I have learned in thirty journeys around the sun, in no particular order of importance:

one Being 30 is not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I’m 189.67 times happier than I was when I was 15. Things have got better. From which I can conclude…

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how i learned to stop worrying and love the freak snowboarding accident i nearly had

look, a lake

a travel photo, unrelated to this post

Here are a few conversations I’ve had:

Person 1: Maybe things would have been different if I’d gone to a different uni. It’s a big ole world out there. Different countries are awesome (some of them). What if I’d taken the leap, made some changes, held out for something less predictable?

Person 1: Man, I wonder what would have happened if I’d stayed with him. What if I hadn’t been such an immature idiot?

Person 1: That dress is pretty. And I love it. And I’m so glad I bought it, such a bargain. What if I hadn’t, though? I could have saved that money, maybe bought something more useful that I actually NEED.

Notice how there’s only one person in each of these conversations? Yeah…that person is me. Also notice how there are no answers to any of the above musings. Because there are no answers.

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rules for life

This is it.

Out of all the advice I’ve ever received, all the inspiring quotes I’ve ever read, all the wisdom I’ve ever taken on board… the Holstee Manifesto is the best.

Anyone else have any wisdom they’d like to submit?

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