friendly atheists, unexpected rivers, and banging on the walls of fortress europe

three metre high tulipsyeah, these tulips are as high as the trees

i’m so tired.

my muddy wellies are still on the floor of my room. my wristbands are still in situ because removing them would be too much effort. i have no idea how i got that bruise on my arm. i’m concerned that if i drink any more caffeine, i’ll create a worldwide coffee shortage.

so yeah…i’m back from greenbelt.

and just as soon as i’ve spent a few more hours comatose and hallucinating vividly, i’ll tell you about:

  • listening to Caspar Melville, editor of New Humanist, talk (calmly, un-judgmentally) about whether atheists can have hope in their lives without religion. such a change from the shouty ‘new atheists’, mentioning no names, Richard Dawkins.
  • trying to jump up and down while up to my ankles in mud. thanks, Asian Dub Foundation, for making the mud worthwhile. despite this song. the lyrics made me LOL and i don’t think i was supposed to.
  • the biblically-proportioned flood which resulted in the exhibition tent being evacuated, and a river running through our exhibition stand. the river was not in the plan.
  • listening to Deborah Fielding on reading and writing short fiction.

day 1

day 2

day 3

tax justice! on a bus!

sunshine and tulips and music

obligatory bunting

sea of mud

..get stuck in the mud?



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2 responses to “friendly atheists, unexpected rivers, and banging on the walls of fortress europe

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  2. Those Tulip displayed are horribly not to scale.
    Hope someone got fired for that fuck up.

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