what books say about me

My hobby: pretending that the reviews on book covers are talking about me as a person, not the book as a book.

white teeth - zadie smith

well, that’s very nice of you to say so

in great waters - kit whitfield

haha, you’re too kind

too much happiness - alice munro

oh, my.. *blush*

the discovery of heaven - harry mulisch

one does like to temper one’s exhilarating magnificence with a little danger

winter garden - beryl bainbridge

i’ll cut you. not deliberately, you know, it’s just cos i’m RAZOR SHARP.
like a RAZOR

we need to talk about kevin - lionel shriver

when i’m tense and harrowed, it’s often because i’ve been provoked into thought

the road home - rose tremain

well..thank you. that’s about the best thing anyone’s ever said to me.

the bridegroom - ha jin

stop, stop. no, seriously.
if my ego gets any bigger there won’t be room for anyone else on the planet.

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