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save the melting polar bears!

Wait..what? Polar bears are melting? Well, if you say so, Coca Cola..


You know that feeling of shock you get when a big brand does something stupid? You think, don’t they have enough money to throw around to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen? Yeah..that.

And you know that feeling of shock you get when you find out white fuzzy cuddly terrifying killer bear things are capable of MELTING? You think, don’t the laws of physics have something to say about this? Yeah..that.

Imagine both of those feelings together, and you’ll get an approximation of my reaction on hearing the soundtrack to the above video, a Coca Cola/WWF charity thingy, asking you to help, and I quote,

save the home of the polar bear, which is melting.

End quote.

Assumptions are never good enough

Yes, yes, I know what they mean. But assuming that your customers will know what you mean when you word something stupidly is just not good enough.

It’s not good enough for Coca Cola, it’s not good enough for WWF, it’s not good enough for anyone who works in advertising or charity.

And it’s certainly not good enough for those fuzzy wuzzy bears, who are pretty genuinely sadface about their home disappearing. Here’s Greenpeace doing it better. Warning: this made me weep actual tears.

homeless polar bear :(((

Am I overreacting? Here’s the thing: Any time your wording causes me to concentrate on the actual words you’re saying, and write a blog post ridiculing them, you’ve just distracted me from your (genuine) cause.

Avoid the smudgy windows

Writer and renowned clever bloke George Orwell once remarked that good prose is like a window pane. When you write, readers should be able to see through your words to the truth behind. As soon as your words jar a bit, it’s like seeing a smudge on a window – you don’t see the view through the window, you see the smudge.

So when you can’t be bothered to sort out the relative pronoun in your sentence, with the result that it sounds like you’re telling me polar bears are melting, my focus has shifted way away from the real problem. And that doesn’t help anyone.

Get your act together, Coca Cola/WWF. The white fuzzy killing machines deserve better.



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what HAVE you been doing with yourself?


If you wrote 50,000 words in the last thirty days, or if you forswore the razor for the duration, you are clearly frothingly bonkers. But A Different Daylight has nothing but admiration for you.

National Novel Writing Month saw thousands of people from all over the world abandon life, love, food, sleep, and the ability to use their hands without crying in pain, in order to write a novel in a month. I kinda wish I was joking, but…loads of NaNoWriMoers are of school age and didn’t do their homework just so they could keep up their daily word count. And loads of them are of working age and took time off work (authorised or otherwise..) for this. I should probably express disapproval, but I don’t disapprove. So, there’s that. (Also, if you didn’t do NaNoWriMo but managed to extract humour from the situation, you are definitely a winner.)

And Movember legitimised men worldwide in their ill-advised facial hair decisions. Reportedly the quantity of daily kisses received by these men from their loved ones has declined by approximately 98.765842% over the period since 1st November, as many of said loved ones were unable to cope with the fact that there was now a mangy hedgehog where once there had been a male face. Nevertheless, some so-called Mo Bros embraced the challenge with considerable enthusiasm, joie de vivre, and disregard for the sensibilities of small, easily-frightened children.

now that's what i call making an effort Continue reading


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