i ♥ the internet

so here’s where i waste spend my time online.

sometimes i hate the internet (opens in a new tab)

general reading

the hairpin
a ladies’ magazine for ladies who aren’t stupid. featuring the best thing on the internet ever, Reading Between The Texts: “My arms are too heavy. Punctuation doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing matters but sorrow.”

the atlantic
there is always – ALWAYS – something worth your wifi here. how about the world’s most impressive swimming pools? also, have you ever tried to sell a diamond? related: walnuts.

click on one of these, apply elbows to desk, apply sandwich to mouth. boom! i just sorted your lunchtime reading.


‘romance, sarcasm, math, and language.’ also featuring things that were popular in the 80s.

the oatmeal
featuring unicorns, bears, cats, and why printers were sent from hell to make us miserable.

aaaaahahahahahahahahaha i have no idea why i find this weird comic so funny but i do. saddest turtle 4eva!

for use in emergency: cheap LOLs

animated gifs are awesome, especially the ones that describe me perfectly.

passive-aggressive notes
if you’ve ever worked in an office, parked a car, or breathed the air of planet earth, you’ll recognise this stuff.

making fun of a store i actually like. but maybe anthropologie shouldn’t take themselves so seriously in the first place.

pretending to be intellectual

arts & letters daily
the best of arts and books, all in one handy website.

intelligent life
ignore the irritatingly patronising (if witty) title. this site contains all you need to sound clever in the pub.

tell me what you think..

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