spot the difference! or, how The Economist can’t spell

The Economist Style Guide is a thing of beauty. But more for the book’s content than its cover.


click to embiggen


I checked, and ‘useage’ isn’t an alternative spelling. It isn’t optional. It’s can I put this? Wrong.

And it’s on the front cover of a guide to how to write English. 

And they spell it correctly inside the book.


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6 responses to “spot the difference! or, how The Economist can’t spell

  1. Reblogged this on Neversmith and commented:
    ah, useage and embiggen, two of my favourite words, thanks for the lol post

  2. Paul

    Useage usage… yup, even MS has a squiggly red line under. Probably using a Mac to do the design – does it have a spell check?

    • I just don’t understand a) why they changed it from previous editions, and b) why they spelled it right inside but wrong on the front cover. And you shouldn’t need to rely on your spell checker to get the spelling right if you’re The Economist!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh stuff like that drives me nuts! EDIT!!!

    A slogan that has bugged me for years is by Europe’s Best (frozen fruits and veggies): “We only freeze the best!”
    Really? That’s all you do to the best? You don’t pick it, pack it, sell it, etc? Is that the point you’re trying to get across? Learn your modifiers! “We freeze only the best!” That’s it! How do they not have people to tell them that?

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