snow daze and more of the sailor

Oh, I do like to be beside the snowside! No wait, I’m sure that’s not how the song goes..

Yes, I have moved house. Yes, it snowed pretty much all weekend. Yes, that made the whole moving house process somewhat..interesting.

fun times ahead!

Do you see that shape at the bottom right hand corner of the photo? That’s my car, shortly before I removed just enough snow so that I could actually open the doors. Oh, and shortly before it started snowing again, but properly this time. Real snow that means business.

You might have gathered from the above that I was, perhaps, a little annoyed by the snow? Somewhat inconvenienced? Irritated by the white stuff falling from the sky?

Well, you’d be wrong. I’m actually screamingly excited, like a toddler on crack, about the snow. I’m just pretending to be bored and irritated because I’m supposed to be a grown up, and that’s what grown ups do, right?But now I’m in my new pad, and it’s amazing, and this morning I had my breakfast in the conservatory looking out at the Narnia-like snowy garden, and felt happy like whoa.

More of The Unstereotypical Sailor

And there’s more! I mean..literally, here is a little more of the story I’ve been writing. May your Mondays be joyous and snowy. (If snow is your kind of thing, I mean. If it would make you joyous. If not..then I’m not sure we can be friends.)

But there’s something in her rich dark blood that smells the sea, and rises up to meet it. Is it too romantic to think that she is somehow in tune with him, thousands of miles away, brooding on the deck of the beauty Salamander? Shall we dare to believe that these two souls are linked, that they are destined for each other? I have introduced you to a male character and then to a female character, so I know what you’re expecting. But I can’t tell you yet whether they will even ever meet, let alone see in each other a kindred spirit, and embark on that ridiculous adventure commonly called falling in love.

The first sign he has that something is wrong is that his book starts to slide slowly across his lap. Yes, foolish boy that he is, he has been sitting there with a book of love poems on his lap, and reading about the thousands of years of love that have been experienced by other people. Who could say that love does not exist, when so many people for so long have written so much about it? If true love were not a real thing, wouldn’t the idea have been just a passing fad, wouldn’t all love poetry have died out long ago? He is aware that this is the fallacious argument that has sometimes been used in defence of the existence of God. He himself isn’t sure whether God exists; but if he could just have some proof that love exists, he would also believe in God. For him, that would be the miracle that would sway his doubting heart towards faith. And after all, don’t they say that God himself is love? It’s plain then, for this sailor at least, that God and love are a circular argument: not one without the other. 


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9 responses to “snow daze and more of the sailor

  1. I like snow… friendo. *blush*
    Where are you by the way that it’s snowing such-like?

    Weird enough, the last 3 times I’ve moved, snow! I didn’t mind, but the muscle (see friends) that I hired (see fed) were bitching the whole time. Now I’ve been blacklisted from the ‘friends who help friends move’ category, unless it’s in the summer / spring.

    • I’m in London. (As in, London, England. In case you were wondering.)

      I was going to bitch on facebook about the difficulties of moving house in the snow, but my friend lives in a much more snowy part of the country and she was moving house last weekend too, so I didn’t feel justified in saying anything.. :s

  2. I actually was wondering.

    I don’t think you’re justified to bitch about snow living in Queen Country in the first place. Isn’t this whether rare for you guys? I hail from the land of Beer, Hockey & Snow (in that order) and it’s 10 times worse there on a good day. I mean Canada by the way. ( Canada, North America… in case you were wondering. )

    Although I’m not there now and living in Bangladesh where the coldest it gets is 9 degrees Celsius. Hmm, Maybe I have no business telling you not to bitch. 😐

    • Queen Country?? I have literally never heard that before in my life. Is that a Canadian thing? It took me a few seconds to work out what you were talking about..

      Reminds me of the time I was reading an American website and discovered that their category for stories about Britain was called ‘Knifecrime Island’. Haha..that’s actually true though.

      It would be unusual to have a British winter without any snow, but this last week or so has been more snowy than usual. Still not up to Canadian levels, obvi.

      • I’m lazy and make up names for things myself so I can remember them better, usually with a hyperbole. (e.g.: see a shorter than average person, describe them as being a midget. and so on.) Don’t condemn all Canadians for my lack of creativity. Not nearly as original as ‘Knifecrime Island’. That’s just brilliant!

        I miss shovelling Canadian snow. *le sigh.

  3. electronicbaglady

    we moved house in a blizzard in January some years ago and had to use all the table salt to grit the path to the removal men could carry the furniture in. And the lock to the door broke so they had to go to the back door. And the children almost got abandoned because their grandpa left them at the school gates without realising it was a Snow Day and then had to go back for them later! What fun! We have been so happy in this house I hope it’s a good omen for you too πŸ™‚

    • wow..that is quite a story! The last time I moved, a few years ago, we got there on the morning of moving-in day and discovered that the place had been broken into the night before. Nothing had been taken because it was empty, but we had a fun day trying to deal with moving everything in and talking to the police at the same time..

      But I was very happy in that place, so maybe difficulties when moving in are a good sign in general =]

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