4 things i’m blaming on the snow

You’ve seen the news, right? About the white stuff falling from the sky? Well, it is an excuse for a lot of inexecusable stuff. Also, it is pretty. WIN.

Some things I’m blaming on the snow:

one I have not written a real blog post, or indeed one that is going to be published on time.

two I have not quite finished the work I was supposed to be doing this afternoon..something to do with being sent home early.

three I am eating fresh hot popcorn and playing Words With Friends, instead of doing something useful like packing for moving house tomorrow. (Have I mentioned that I’m moving house? Only a few gadzillion times. No, really.)

four I made a snow cat. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. Here –

 a cat. in the snow.

Good news: I have actually managed to keep my New Year’s resolution. I KNOW. Hoo to the Rah.

I hope you have a most extremely splendid weekend and that you laugh until you can’t breathe. Because that is the best. (Laughing I mean. Not the not breathing part.)


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4 responses to “4 things i’m blaming on the snow

  1. AMB

    Love the snow cat! Very creative!

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