has the world literally ended?

If you’re reading this, then reports of our extinction have been greatly exaggerated.

The world has not ended.

So that’s a relief. 

Because as long as the world still contains takeaway menus which use the word ‘literally’, I’m happy.

not metaphorically

What is Pad Thai? I asked myself. Fortunately, there was a very basic answer:

in essence

But I also wanted to know what Naam Tok is made with. You know, I don’t need to know every detail. Just the main ingredients.

just the main event

How many times have you been about to order Thai takeaway, you’ve looked at the list of side dishes, and been disappointed that it didn’t list ‘unnecessary adverbs’? Well, be disappointed no longer. This place knows all about that craving you get for green curry seasoned with literalness, and they’re way ahead of you.

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5 responses to “has the world literally ended?

  1. I’m indecisive at resturants… so I’d rather Menus be forceful & commanding. Too many descriptive buzz words would just confuse me further.

    And now I want something Curry related… thanks a lot!

    • it’s a good point. I was at a training course the other week and they were talking about choice architecture – giving people lots of choices just paralyses them; for eg when you go to a restaurant with THOUSANDS of options and yet you always order the same thing. because too much choice = brain freezes and doesn’t know what to do.

      did you get some curry? i must admit blogging about food (even indirectly) makes me hungry. just imagine how much worse it would be if this were an actual food blog with actual photos of actual food.

  2. I agree. I tend to stick with what I know when ordering at restaurants. I’ll try something new, but somehow, regardless of how good it might have been… I’m left feeling confused and unsatisfied. *sighs.

    I currently live in Bangladesh… Curry can be found everywhere, in everything. I’m sure I had some between my last comment and now. 😐

  3. Probably the same amount as ‘Little Bangladesh’ though… :p

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