is this it?

What did you think when you read the title of this post? Did you think – she’s disappointed because she expected more? Or – she’s excited because she thinks she’s found what she’s looking for?

(Or maybe you thought, she’s been listening to The Strokes.)

The question ‘is this it?’ can have two meanings. There’s the negative one: is this all there is? Can I not expect any more? Frequently uttered when eating in restaurants that serve ridiculously small portions for ridiculously large amounts of money. Or tapas bars.

And there’s the positive one: is this at last what I’ve been looking for all this time? Is this the culmination of everything I’ve worked for and longed for? Is this the Promised Land?

It does seem somewhat careless on the part of the English language to have a phrase that simultaneously means two things which are COMPLETELY OPPOSITE. Why is this? Stupid language. 

Because I couldn’t think of an appropriate photo to illustrate this point, you can have instead a photo of the Christmas lights in Regent Street last week. You’re welcome. Aaaaand – happy weekend! If you can figure out what day it is. I have no idea.

oh my days, check the sparklyness!

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