the girl who was always on the wrong day

Is it..? Yeah, it probably is just me.

No, wait, it probably isn’t. One of the best things about ye interwebbe is that you can discover just how common and trashy is the problem you have which you previously thought was yours alooooone. And you (I) thought you were (I was) all alooooone in experiencing hiccups caused by carrots. Turns out, I’m definitely not the only one.

You see, the thing is, I’m always on the wrong day. My internal clock seems to have no idea what it’s doing.

still drifting

This isn’t really a big problem in my everyday life. After all, I’m surrounded by clocks and calendars and shiz which steer me right most of the time. It’s just that for four out of five working days last week, I was convinced through most of the day that it was Friday. And it WASN’T. #disappointment

Then by the time Friday came around I had talked my subconscious out of the Fridayness, so I was grouchy in a way that I usually save for Thursdays. (Like Arthur Dent, I never got the hang of Thursdays.) But then every so often I realised it was the end of the week, and that was AWESOME.

I can tell that it’s Monday again today because I’m blogging. Otherwise, I’d have pretty much no idea. It can’t be just me who’s always on the wrong day. Say it’s not so..


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10 responses to “the girl who was always on the wrong day

  1. You’re Not The Only One. Trust Me. 😉
    My Internal Clock Hasn’t Been Right Since…
    …It’s Never Been Right. hehehe

  2. Paul

    I often get that Friday feeling a day early, or the Monday feeling on Tuesday, but oddly never mistake the Saturday or Sunday feeling, so might have some connection with routine. But rarely more than one day at a time! It’s almost as if you stay up so late that it gets early…

  3. For whatever reason, I always think it’s Thursday when it’s actually Monday (I didn’t make that mistake today though, which is the rare exception). I also get that Friday feeling on Thursday, which is so disappointing.

  4. Airian Eastman

    Insomnia, weird hours and a general dislike for sleep, or rather the nightmares and strange dreams that plague my sleep, and the fact that I can never fall to sleep because I can’t stop *ruminating* (so they call it) Makes my internal clock more like a ticking time bomb then anything close to normal. You are not alone!

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