the universe is watching you. possibly?

Look! Proof that, um, something.

After I talked about a book that discusses whether it’s a good idea to have kids or not, I’ve just seen an article entitled Is It Acceptable To Have Children?

It is true that once every five years I think “HA, I SHOULD GET A BABY.” It passes by the time dessert comes around.


The article was actually published two days before my blog post, but I’ve only just noticed it, so we will gloss over that little discrepancy. Also, they make some interesting points.

Just because all the kids like hip hop and sexting today does NOT mean they’re going to be intelligent liberal-arts science proponents with a shot at saving the world and colonizing space and all that, right?

And, and, and, someone I know is moving to Stockholm shortly. Naturally, this means that all I see around me these days are references to that very city. I stumbled across a splendid blog all about moving to Stockholm. And someone (oh hai, @NoSomebody!) suggested on Twitterrrr that I add my blog to an excellent site called Bloglovin’; which turns out to be based in Stockholm. And I’ve just finished reading Just My Type, which has a lot to say about Ikea’s font choices – Ikea being Swedish, obvi. (Not quite such a surprising link there, to find something about a certain Swedish furniture company in a book about fonts. When they changed from Futura to Verdana, the world went mental.)


Once my neighbour got a couple of black Labradors. A few weeks later she reported seeing black Labradors EVERYWHERE. It was like the world had suddenly decided that black Labradors were like, soooo on trend, and everyone had them.

What does all this mean? I mean, I know what it means, but what does it MEEEEEAN?

I’m pretty sure there’s a name for this kind of thing. Fallacy of something? Illusion of something? I may or may not have googled this and fallen into a Wikipedia rabbit hole. Don’t look at me like that, you’ve done it too. (Fallen into a Wikipedia rabbit hole, I mean.) I didn’t find an answer (possibly because I couldn’t be bothered to read all of this), but skimming it did give me an awesome a resplendent new phrase to add to my vocabulary:

Chronological snobbery: where a thesis is deemed incorrect because it was commonly held when something else, clearly false, was also commonly held.

Things I’m looking forward to: telling someone they’re being a chronological snob. ARGUMENT #WINNER.

Other recent happenings:

  • I introduced my mum to The Big Bang Theory. One episode later, she loves it and has renamed her cat Sheldon. (Justification: said cat likes routine. So do somewhat autistic people like Sheldon. Boom.)

the cat previously known as Max

  • I tried to avoid talking about Thanksgiving, but was overwhelmed by a rush of emotion when I thought of all the things I’m thankful for. Dampness in the ocular area ensued.
  • With some trepidation, I started listening to Christmas music. It was enjoyable for a while, that is a catchy song. It did not leave my head for days. (On reflection, I remember this from past Christmases. The urge to sing out loud ‘You’re a bum, you’re a punk, you’re an old slut on junk’ with elderly relatives in the vicinity starts to become unbearable.) (Sorry Mum, I know that would be hideously embarrassing for you.)
  • In other Christmas-related news, is it just me (please say it isn’t) or do these Christmas lights look like carrots? Second question: are they supposed to?

mmm carrots..?

  • My nails look like this:


Are you:

a) Madly envious? Then please head this way for a tutorial (scroll down, it’s almost at the end).

b) Left unmoved? Then please click here, and may it serve you right for not caring about my nails.

versatile blogger award

As per the rules, here are 7 random facts about me, plus 10 nominations for this award:

seven random facts 

  1. I own about 700 books, I think.
  2. No matter how boring or crap, I will try my hardest to make it to the end of a book. Two books that have beaten me are Closing Time by Joseph Heller and The Cold Six Thousand by James Ellroy.
  3. I learnt to read with Asterix and Tintin comic books. Both French comics, translated into English. I don’t know what this says about me.
  4. I’m not actually a master baker, but several of my friends and colleagues think I am. I have achieved this by careful manipulation and marketing.
  5. I’ll eat pretty much anything, so long as it’s not watching me while I do this. This rules out whole fish. Whyyyy do people do that? IT HAS EYES IT IS WATCHING YOU EAT ITS BODY. Gross.
  6. I grew up in a home where I ate a lot of fruit and veggies, and have somehow managed to carry this over into my adult life, with the result that I have a much healthier diet than lots of my friends. The smugness this induces outweighs the health benefits, however.
  7. I’ve always had really vivid dreams and remember them in minute detail when I wake up. Instead of boring the surrounding population with these accounts, I started writing them down.

ten nominations 

  1. Manger Beautiful food, beautiful photos
  2. A New Free Life Rising from the ashes of domestic violence
  3. Poetry Crush Word-flirtation and flattery
  4. Speaker7 Speaks to the masses of people not reading that blog
  5. Frivolous Monsters Just a frivolous person trying to make sense of, and survive in, the rational universe
  6. Papa Angst A devoted stay-at-home dad and devout absurdist
  7. Journey of Mixed Emotions From Vancouver to Stockholm and beyond
  8. Live-Blogging Love and Loss ‘The way Jim lived his entire life, not just the fraction of it during which he knew he was dying, is worth knowing.’
  9. Alicia’s Little Moments Sometimes the most important moments in life are the little ones
  10. Creative Liar Because the truth makes me cry

three butterflies

It’s Monday – a whole new week lies before us! Oh come on, at least try to look enthusiastic. Peace, I’m out.


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7 responses to “the universe is watching you. possibly?

  1. I’m with you on number 2 and feeling that it is a matter of personal honor to finish any book I start. Two exceptions to that – one is Year of Wonder, which I did make myself finish and then felt like throwing it across the room along with the glass of wine I was drinking because I was so mad at it for making me finish it, for THAT stupid ending. Exception two is, One Thousand White Women which I shut 1/3 of the way in, full of disgust for myself at having read that much of it. Yes, it was a book club book and so I had a good excuse, but it was A.W.F.U.L. And I later discovered the author posts nasty responses to people who have said so on Amazon. That book left me with a conundrum – I didn’t want to give or even throw it away for fear that some other person in the world might be subjected to its awfulness… but I could not burn it because of fire regulations in my apartment. I think I ended up giving it to the person in the book club who made me read it in the first place. It was their fault anyway.

    • I haven’t tried either of those. But I just read the synopsis of YOW (excellent acronym) and it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, or glass of wine. And I’ve just had a look at the Amazon reviews of 1000WW. I love this – in reaction to a negative review:

      ‘This review is spot on. Thank you for making my day because this book didn’t.’

      I read ‘The Shining’, and threw it across the room in disgust about halfway through. I eventually read the rest, but – seriously? It is supposed to be one of Stephen King’s best books. And it is hysterically, hilariously badly written. It gives me a sad so hard.

  2. Yep, the universe is watching and they know all about what you’ve been doing, too – that’s why you keep seeing the same supposedly random things cropping up all over the place… just to keep you on your toes! Fun post – thanks for visiting.

  3. jnsmld56

    Hey, personally I think the nails are cool. Every time you think it might be fun to have a baby go get a cat instead. I have four. At least there’s no college tuition involved.

    • hey thanks, you’re the first person to comment on the nails! which I’m pretty disappointed about, after I spent AGES tracking down the right kind of glitter. *sighs* thanks! cats are indeed amazing (and cheaper than children). as are books, coincidentally. love the title of your blog =D

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