on life, and its inability to make sense

Do not overbalance in shock when I tell you life is not always straightforward.

I know, right? STOP PRESS. (Does anyone actually say that? *googling* Oh… Wikipedia says it is most frequently used sarcastically. Pshaw, as someone I know actually did say recently.)

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, life = complicated. And sometimes things are just not what they seem. And sometimes things ARE what they seem, but you’re so used to them being all twisted that you end up playing a game (game! ha. not that there are any winners. #doomandgloom) of opposites, and assuming that black is white when really on this occasion, it isn’t. And then you start talking about the occasions on which black really IS white, and then you get accused of racism, and then someone starts playing a song which you really don’t like – musically, at least. The lyrics contain an admirable sentiment, init.

And so, here is a list of things you already knew! Yay?

one A clever person can say and do stupid stuff.

with thanks to sheldon's quote

two Someone far away can be closer to you than someone right next to you.

reading this, except when i have to take a break cos it makes me WEEP

three Sometimes you have to be prepared to lose in order to win.

four Truth can sound like a lie.

five Sometimes hot is cold and cold is hot. It looks really sunny and hot outside, and you get all bikinied up in your white Bond girl-style (sort of) bikini to go catch some rays and develop interesting tan lines..and you get outside in the garden, and there’s a cold wind and the sun isn’t hot enough and you try to stick it out for a while but it’s just toooo freezing. And then sometimes it’s the middle of WINTER and you go outside and the sun is like HEYYYY I’M BACK, remember me? I made it all warm and now you have to take off your coat and scarf and hat and gloves and hoodie that took you ten minutes to put on!

six Happiness makes you cry.

do you realize - the flaming lips (opens in a new tab)

A weekend of contradictions lies ahead. Not that I’m expecting anything especially contradictory to happen, but LIFE.

You know.


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2 responses to “on life, and its inability to make sense

  1. Paradox. It is the key to life. you get it!!

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