this is me not blogging about the election

Apparently there has been something happening in some country somewhere that involves Instagram, some people kissing babies, and a deluge of new hashtags.

It’s only occasionally that I manage to blog about something topical. There was that time I felt the need to expound on whether you can get pregnant after rape, after some guy I’ve never met remarked that female bodies are the awesome (he didn’t say that) and reject the pregnancy fairy when being raped. Whatevs.

However, you will have noticed that while Hurricane Sandy was causing people to be locked inside together, I was rambling about performing cat troupes, painting your nails in the toilets at work, and choking on coffee.

This isn’t because I don’t CARE. No, please don’t think that. I care as much as the next individual. (The individual I am currently sitting next to is of the feline variety, noted for not caring, but that is not the point.) It’s more a reflection of the thoughts that are strolling through my mind at any given moment in time. For example, right now:

click to embiggen

I mean, that’s just a kind of general breakdown. There are subdivisions within each slice of the pie. For example, under ‘food’, there’s:

  • What I would like to eat right now: watermelon, feta, and black olive salad
  • What I am going to eat right now: doesn’t matter, it’s not the item above
  • What I would like to eat for dinner: erm…lots of things
  • What I am going to eat for dinner: soup, maybe?
  • This is a pie chart… What kind of pie?
  • Is it ok to go to Pizza Express to eat something other than pizza? Specifically, dessert.
  • Yes, it is.

You will have noticed that none of the above includes the words ‘US election’, ‘Obama’, ‘That dude is beige not black’, ‘Romney’, ‘Haha he’s so white’, or even LET’S ALL PRACTISE KISSING BABIES NOW IN CASE WE ARE POLITICIANS ONE DAY.

Because I do have some thoughts on the election, but I feel suitably chastised by a friend’s Facebook status which was something along the lines of:

Congratulations! Not to Obama, but to everyone who posted statuses supporting him – none of you know what his policies are, and you still don’t know, but you’re celebrating anyway!

I have tried really hard to read about (and understand) the health care shiz, because this is something I feel more strongly about than many other election issues. But I never feel like I have quite understood it, and I’m pretty sure you have read/watched/tweeted enough too much about the election anyway. You don’t need me adding to the enormous mass of election coverage which is weighing down the internet and making it difficult to move around.

So instead I gave you a ridiculous pie chart (inspired by this fabulousness – which is election-related). This weekend, I think I will bake an apple pie as a nod towards America, rather than trying to comment on their election, about which it is 96.7% true to say that I know nothing. I do, however, know that I love food. Who’s with me?


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5 responses to “this is me not blogging about the election

  1. Mei

    I too love food and have refrained from blogging about the election…either I’m getting older and more aware or people are WAAAY more touchy about it this year than in the past….what’s all the crying about?! And my facebook newsfeed quickly turns from rude comments to outright racist/sexist/homophobic hate letters…not cool. Anyways..way to not talk about it and awesome thought chart…ya know…if you really liked food then you can draw a crust on that pie chart. 😛

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