7 things you shouldn’t do when moving house

Here are some things I learned this weekend, in the process of moving my entire worldly goods a few miles across London.

wikimedia commons: popcorn

popcorn: just like the contents of my flat

one Spend more time staring at your pile of stuff, wondering how it got to be so big, than actually packing it. Like…how does this happen? It all fits into your living quarters (relatively) neatly, then as soon as you start placing it all in boxes, it goes BOOM and expands to ten times the size. Like when you make popcorn. Right? Except less tasty and less suitable for movie snacking. Also a lot heavier.

two Have waaaaaay more stuff now than you did when you moved in, meaning that you have waaaay fewer boxes than you need for packing it all up again. This is a serious error. Don’t ever do this, anyone. However, if you must double your book collection in two years, ensure that you have on hand a fairly awesome housemate who will supply you with the requisite boxes for packing.

three Get distracted by reading a book you forgot you had, and suddenly it is two hours later even though you were literally only reading for two minutes. IknowIknowIknow but it is an awesome book and you must read it. I can’t at the moment remember which book it is, but that is beside the point.

four Be so exhausted/busy/collapsed in a heap that Friday’s blog post falls by the wayside. Seriously, you guys. I was barely able to construct a coherent sentence in my head, let alone type one. You should count yourselves lucky I didn’t blog on Friday, because the content of the post would have been approximately, and I quote: ‘adflkusdjcvlkujoufdaodf.’ End quote.

five Pack things you urgently need in the next twelve hours (clothing, toothbrush, travel card), spend half an hour being stressed about where they are, wondering whether you are secretly more clever than you think you are and have packed them somewhere obvious,  discover that this is not the case (you are, indeed, somewhat foolish), and then unpack everything again in order to find said essential items. Be annoyed with yourself for thus wasting time and effort. Waste more time being annoyed with yourself.

six Be super efficient and go to the tip with aaaaall the old crappy stuff that is broken. (Also some random bits of wood that you don’t know where they came from. Hopefully they aren’t part of something vital.) Then get home again, glowing with the pride of how productive you’ve been, and see all the other stuff that needed to go to the tip, that you forgot to take. Waste more time being annoyed with yourself.

seven Move somewhere temporarily, with the knowledge that you’ll have to do it all again in a month or so. Watch this space, in about a month, for more posts about how much I hate moving. Yaaaaaaay! =D is it time for more coffee? Probably. Well, sleep would probably be a better idea, but I’ll take coffee since I can’t get sleep right now. I wish sleep came in tablets – like you could just take a tablet and it would make you feel like you had just slept for ten happy hours. Stop me if I’m rambling. I’m rambling, aren’t I? I’m going to make coffee. Want some?


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